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Engineering Design

Engineering Design

Hardware, firmware, and software optimization

Phason employs a team of professionals who will evaluate your product’s engineering design as well as the design of any firmware or software used to direct its functionality.

We often work to enhance products that have been engineered by outside consultants or engineering teams. We work with many companies to find the best performance for their customers and to develop best practices for efficient and effective production and testing of their systems.

We are also willing and able to develop hardware, firmware, and software from your concepts. We take care to assume this responsibility only after evaluating the project and then determining that our available resources fit your needs.

Hardware optimization

Providing the framework for achieving your best results

Some clients come to us with a product they currently have in production and simply ask us to make it for them to their specifications, “as is”. Others come to us with completed designs, but before even a first prototype has been assembled.

Whether you are in one of the situations above, or somewhere in between, we are committed to helping you achieve your required performance standards as efficiently and cost-effectively as you require.

If required, we will work with you to revise product and process goals. We may recommend design changes to achieve streamlined production, a more serviceable product, or other objectives you hold as priorities.

hardware optimization

Firmware optimization

Experience with high-level and assembly-level languages

There are many technical variables to consider when selecting and encoding firmware.
When required, our engineering team will help ensure you meet performance and budget parameters, while being mindful of integration with other products and the need for long, effective product life.



Integrate your design for any user

Phason has a team of experienced software developers that can develop desktop or mobile applications to work with your products.

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